Iron Man Pumping Windmill for Agricultural Drainage - Coon Family Farms, Shedd Oregon
16ft Iron Man Windmill on 53ft tower operating a 28in diameter pump x 16in stroke. Used for agricultural drainage of tile lines. Discharge pipe is not installed in these photos.

The data below comes from instruments currently working on this windmill.
Updates every 15 minutes.
Wind Speed and Water Level
Wind Speed and Water Level from SG
This Agricultural Drainage project is far from typical. Problems with extreme mud required installing the windmill under the most difficult circumstances we have had to work with. Fortunately, the owners, Oak Park Farms of Shedd Oregon had the equipment, personal, ability and motivation to successfully complete this important project. The video and photos show the system immediately after installation undergoing testing. The discharge pipe was not installed at the time, hence the rather un-orderly discharge of water from the system. In spite of this the system worked much better than anticipated with the water level dropping 3ft in several hours from the agricultural drainage system. On a windy day, this system has proven itself capable of completely draining 2 miles of tile lines draining 80 acres of fields, which is no small feat. For an extensive report on this project, please read:
We extend our sincere thanks to Donald and Mike Coon of Oak Park Farms and their Families for the hard work and committment they have made proving the value of and solving the problems of pumping with wind power to achieve successful Agricultural Drainage.
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